Round table in English with simultaneous translation into French

Psychiatry and Human Rights: Recent developments

Wednesday, July 4, 2018 at 19h

Uni Mail, Room MR380

Issues of patient care, freedom and restraint have accompanied the history of psychiatry since its inception. Similarly, its role as an actor in social control has constantly evolved according to place and time. But what about today? Since 2006, the UN and WHO have published three major documents in the field of patients' rights in psychiatry. The philosophy of care advocated in these documents aims to de-stigmatize mental illness and defend human rights. It promotes the sharing of knowledge and values autonomy, consent, recovery and reintegration into society. However, on the ground, the implementation of these recommendations faces many obstacles. To discuss these issues, this round table brings together psychiatrists as well as renowned international experts and representatives of patients and their families, who, after all, remain the primarily concerned by these ethical issues.