Prof. Isabelle Amado

Hôpital Sainte-Anne SHU
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Mme. Christina Athanasopoulou

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Mr. Tamas Barnabas

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Dr. Rachid Benegaddi

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Prof. Joël Billieux

Associate Professor Of Clinical Psychology
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Prof. Joël Billieux Joël Billieux is associate professor of clinical psychology at the university of Luxembourg and visiting professor at the Catholic University of Louvain (Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium). He is head of the Addictive and Compulsive Behaviours Lab (ACB-Lab), Health and Behavior Institute, University of Luxembourg. He earned his PhD in Psychological Sciences and accomplished his postgraduate CBT training at the University of Geneva. His main area of research regards the psychological factors (cognitive, affective, motivational, interpersonal) involved in the etiology of addictive behaviors, with a particular focus on self-regulation-related processes. He also conduct research on the conceptualization and diagnosis of Behavioral Addictions. Since 2014, he is an expert in a World Health Organization workgroup related to the public health implications of behavioral addictions associated with the excessive use of ICTs. Since 2017, he is board member of the newly created International Society for the Study of Behavioural Addictions (ISSBA). He is Regional Assistant Editor for International Gambling Studies, Associate Editor for the Journal of Behavioral Addictions, Section Editor (section Technological Addiction) for Current Addiction Reports, and member of several other editorial advisory boards in addiction and mental health related journals.

Prof. Philippe Conus

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Prof. Zsolt Demetrovics

Eötvös Loránd University
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Prof. Zsolt Demetrovics Zsolt Demetrovics, PhD, DSc, is professor of psychology at the ELTE Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary where he serves as dean of the Faculty of Education and Psychology, director of the Institute of Psychology and head of the Department of Clinical Psychology & Addiction. He is clinical psychologist (specialized in addiction), cultural anthropologist, and has a Ph.D. in clinical and health psychology (addictive behaviors). He has published numerous research papers on the epidemiology, assessment and psychological correlates of substance use behavior and behavioral addictions including gambling, video gaming, internet addiction, exercise addiction, and compulsive buying. He is former president of the Hungarian Association on Addictions and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Behavioral Addictions.

Dr. Julien Dubreucq

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Prof. Nicolas Franck

Centre hospitalier Le Vinatier & Université Lyon
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Prof. Nicolas Franck Nicolas Franck is a psychiatrist, full professor at the centre hospitalier universitaire de Lyon since 2005. At the Le Vinatier hospital, he is responsible for the centre ressource de réhabilitation psychosociale et de remédiation cognitive (CRR) and the centre référent lyonnais en réhabilitation et en remédiation cognitive (CL3R). At the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, he is responsible for the teaching of humanities in third year and psychiatry in fifth year of medicine at the Faculté Charles Mérieux Lyon Sud, as well as two university degrees. He is Scientific Director of EMC-Psychiatie (Elsevier). He has also written or coordinated several books for professionals or the general public. He chairs the association francophone de remédiation cognitive (AFRC) which he created.

Mme. Iryna Frankova

Bogomolets National Medical University
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Mme. Iryna Frankova Dr. Iryna Frankova is a teaching assistant at the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy of Bogomolets National Medical University. She is working towards a PhD degree at the Ukrainian Research Institute of Social and Forensic Psychiatry and Drug Abuse. Dr. Frankova’s research is focused on PTSD prevention and early interventions after exposure to acute stress. Dr. Frankova is a recipient of EFPT Porto Research Award (2017). Her field interest encompasses mental health issues of forcibly displaced persons as well as youth social withdrawal. She is a Co-Chair of the European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees (EFPT) Psychiatry Across Borders (PAB) Working Group and Chair of the Young Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists Section of the Ukrainian Psychiatric Association. Qualifications: Medical degree at the Bogomolets National Medical University, specialized in clinical psychology.

Dr. Hussien Elkholy

Ain Shams University, Egypt
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Dr. Hussien Elkholy Dr. Elkholy is a consultant psychiatrist and a Lecturer in Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, Egypt. He is also a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. His areas of interest are education and training in psychiatry, behavioural addiction, tobacco and mental health and rTMS. Dr. Elkholy is also an assistant to editor in-chief of the Middle East Current Psychiatry Journal (MECPsych) and member of the editorial board of several scientific journals. Being both an academic and a clinician, Dr. Elkholy is acquainted with the challenges that face psychiatrists in both practice and training. Dr. Elkholy he has been actively involved in associations work since 2008, starting by being the Vice-President of the Asian Federation of Early Career Psychiatrists, the coordinator of Africa and Middle East in Early Career Psychiatrists Council, World Psychiatric Associations (WPA), founding chair of the Early Career Psychiatrists section (WPA) and currently the secretary of the Section on Education in Psychiatry (WPA), Secretary General of the Network of Early Career Professional working in the area of Addiction Medicine (NECPAM) and, starting June 2018, the financial officer of the Middle Eastern Division of the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Due to his associations involvement, he had the chance to learn from and work under supervision of many international eminent psychiatry professors and figures.

Mrs. Stéphanie Lagasse

Mrs. Stéphanie Lagasse Mrs. Lagasse is a paid peer assistant at the C3R Grenoble (Alpes-Isère Hospital Center) since January 2017 where she participates in the accompaniment of Asperger autistic users. She collaborates with the multidisciplinary team in setting up tools or therapeutic groups for adult audiences with an ASD. She also has project management missions such as organizing conferences or events contributing to the awareness and information of caregivers and the general public about ASD and psychic disorders. Finally, she provides training missions and regularly intervenes with psychiatric interns, nursing students or psychiatric care providers (therapeutic education).

Dr. Gulay Mammadzada

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Mr. Iannis McCluskey

Institut Et Haute École De La Santé La Source
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Prof. Armen Melik-Pashayan

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Prof. Andrew Molodynski

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
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Prof. Andrew Molodynski Andrew Molodynski is a consultant psychiatrist at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and honorary senior lecturer at Oxford University, UK. He has worked in community psychiatry for fifteen years and been actively involved in research in the field for ten. The main focus of his research has been with the social psychiatry group in Oxford. He has also published on social and occupational functioning in people with severe mental illness and on different forms of service provision. He has co- authored a book on coercion and book chapters on assertive outreach, coercion, and adult safeguarding and published a number of articles in peer-reviewed journals. He is the chair of the World Association of Social Psychiatry working group on coercion and coordinates their website ( which aims to provide education and links for interested parties. Due to his ongoing commitment to integrating clinical practice and research, Andrew has taken on the role of NIHR lead for mental health research in the Thames Valley and South Midlands.

Prof. Peter Morozov

Russian National Medical Research University, Moscow
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Prof. Peter Morozov RUSSIAN NATIONAL MEDICAL RESEARCH UNIVERSITY, MOSCOW From 1994 - Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Faculty for Advanced Medical Studies. MENTAL HEALTH RESEARCH CENTER, RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF MEDICAL SCIENCES, MOSCOW 1986-1994 - Head of Department for Research Development and Promotion; 1979-1986 - Senior Medical Officer, WHO, Division of Mental Health; 1987-1989 - Member of the Executive Committee of ECNP; From 2006 - Member of the Committee of Experts of a COUNCIL of EUROPE. From 2015- Member of the Council of the EPA 2011-2017-Board Member/Zonal Representative for Eastern Europe, WPA From 2017-Member of a Standing Committee of the WPA 2012-2016 ECNP Ambassador for Russia From 2015-Vice-President of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists Author and editor of more than 250 publications and 6 books, among them: • “Research on the Viral Hypothesis of Mental Disorders”, Karger, Basel ,1983 • “Viruses, Immunity and Mental Health” (ed.), Plenum, N-Y, 1987; • “History of Development of Scientific Background of Psychiatry” (Moscow, 2009). • Anthology of the Russian psychiatric texts (Moscow, 2016) Editor-in-chief of psychiatric magazines: • 1981-1986 – “Biological approaches to mental health” (“Pergamon Press”, in English and French); • 1990-1995 - “SYNAPSE” (NHA, in Russian); • From 1999 –“Psychiatry and Psychopharmacotherapy”-P.B.Gannushkin Journal (“Media Medica”, in Russian);

Mrs. Camille Niard

CH Le Vinatier
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Mrs. Camille Niard Camille Niard is a health mediator pair at the "Centre réferent lyonnais en réhabilitation psychosociale et remédiation cognitive " (CL3R) du CH Le Vinatier since 2017. Affiliated to the "Centre ressource de réhabilitation psychosociale er remédiation cognitive " (CRR) she also works on projects of public communication around the issue of destigmatization of people with mental health problems and promotes the values of recovery with mental health professionals.

Dr. Mariana Pinto da Costa

Hospital De Magalhães Lemos, Porto, Portugal
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Dr. Mariana Pinto da Costa Dr Mariana Pinto da Costa is a portuguese psychiatrist. She studied Medicine and did her psychiatry training in Porto. She did an International Master on Mental Health Policy and Services at the New University of Lisbon supported by the World Health Organization (WHO), through which she had clinical and research experience in Africa, screening alcohol, smoking and other substances involvement, in primary and mental health care users in Luanda. She is past president of the European Federation of Psychiatric trainees (EFPT), and has been the Principal Investigator and study manager of the EFPT Brain Drain Study, researching mobility experiences of psychiatric trainees in 33 European countries. Currently she is the Chair of the Early Career Psychiatrists Section at the World Psychiatric Association, Co-Chair of the Early Career Psychiatrists Committee at the European Psychiatric Association and a doctoral research fellow at the Unit for Social and Community Psychiatry, WHO Collaborating Centre for Mental Health Services Development at Queen Mary University of London, where she is doing research on the social relationships between people with psychosis and volunteers in 3 European countries and through different formats (face-to-face or digitally).

Prof. Jorun Rugkasa

Akershus University Hosptial
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Dr. Howard Ryland

University of Oxford
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Dr. Howard Ryland Dr Ryland is studying towards a DPhil in Psychiatry at the University of Oxford. His research looks at outcome measurement in forensic psychiatric services. He is also an Honorary Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist in Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and is currently the President of the European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees.

Prof. Aviv Weinstein

Ariel University, Israel
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Prof. Aviv Weinstein Aviv M. Weinstein, Ph.D is an Associate Professor of Psychology in the School of Behavioral Science in Ariel University in Israel. He did his Ph.D in Psychology in the Psychology Dept. and the Psychopharmacology Unit School of Medical Sciences with David Nutt at the University of Bristol in the UK. He was a visiting research fellow at the Brain Imaging Center, Intramural Research Program (IRP) National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) in Johns Hopkins Bayview Hospital in Baltimore, MD USA where he was trained with Dr. Edythe London in PET brain imaging in drug addiction. He established a laboratory for brain imaging in drug addiction in the Depts. of Nuclear Medicine at Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv and in Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem Israel. He published more than 70 manuscripts and book chapters on drug and behavioral addiction.

Mme. Dominique Willard

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Prof. Rutz Wolfgang

Prof. Wolfgang Rutz Professor Wolfgang Rutz MD was director of mental health services on Gotland for many years and has been intensively engaged in the development of mental health services in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Over the last decade his research has focused on the prevention of depressive conditions and suicidality. During the 90-ies he was vice President of the Swedish Psychiatric Association and President of the Swedish Society for Biological Psychiatry. From 1998 to 2005 Dr Rutz was Regional Adviser for Mental Health at the WHO Regional Office for Europe in Copenhagen. One of his greater achievements during this time was to establish an WHO international network of national counterparts on mental health, approved by their government as well as the WHO. Main activities were regular meetings establishing networks , including Europe’s “Newly Independent States” and creating regular communicational and co operational activities between Northern- , Southern- , Central- , Western. and Eastern - European national mental health services. Main focuses during this time of Dr. Rutz leadership of the European WHO Activities on Mental Health were the development of national mental health structures from hospital based activities towards community based services as well as efforts on creating harmonizing cooperation and twin activities throughout Europe’s national structures of mental health services. Special interest was directed to matters of stigma and discrimination, the prevention of suicide and premature mortality, quality assessment and –reassurance , psychiatry’s role in public mental health promotion , service development and provision as well as mental health legislation and ethics.

Dr. Alexandre Wullschleger

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